How it is Working with Me

Shared from Colleagues

Reviews from clients are not commonplace for several reasons, but several colleagues of mine were gracious enough to share their thoughts on how it is working with me to help you determine if I might be a good fit for you.

Mimi has a way of making me feel cherished and heard while also inspiring me to look deeply inward. She has a unique ability to empathetically and gently sit with people through pain, yet she knows just when to pertinently apply her contagious sense of humor and genuine positivity.         -E.B.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mimi for over five years as a friend and colleague. Not only is she knowledgeable and insightful, but she is also gifted with an ability to connect with others in a very personal and intimate way. Her desire to help and support her clients is unmatched.         -T.S 

Working with Mimi is a solid professional experience. Mimi's timeliness and the way she works and cares for her clients are inspiring. I have enjoyed working with her as a colleague and appreciate her creativity, her ambitiousness, and her depth of knowledge in the clinical health field.           -M.Z.

"I enjoy talking with Mimi because of her positive and upbeat personality. She is engaged in our conversations and helps me feel validated. She is compassionate and honest and has strong social skills. I love how friendly and genuine she is" -K.S.

Mimi is genuine and kind. She is incredibly insightful and asks questions that make me feel seen and heard. Her disarming demeanor makes it easy to open up and share things on my heart.         -G.H.

Mimi is a kind, compassionate, and supportive therapist. Her authentic desire to help her clients creates the perfect non-judgmental atmosphere every client needs. Mimi made me feel heard and seen during a time that I needed it most. -J.H.